Heineken Anti Stage
Saturday 12 th Aug

Shlømo, a French producer and performer, has captured attention with his diverse musical range, spanning from pulsating techno beats to ambient and IDM. As a resident of the renowned Possession parties and Poland's Tama club, his presence is felt across the European scene.

Since his emergence in 2013 with his label TAAPION, Shlømo has released numerous projects, EPs, and compilations, as well as featuring on esteemed labels like Delsin and ARTS. With performances at iconic venues such as Berghain and Awakenings, Shaun Baron-Carvais later expanded his reach by founding a new label, SAIKE.

Yet, Shaun's creative pursuits continue to evolve. VIPER DIVA, one of his exclusive projects, has gained prominence with its debut release, "Born to be Slytherin," and follow-up anthem, "Snake Does Cry," both celebrated techno tracks. Additionally, Shlømo has established WELCOME BACK DEVIL, a branded party series taking the global stage by storm.

Embrace the enigmatic allure of Shlømo's sonic odyssey, where innovation and passion converge.