Heineken Anti Stage
Friday 11 th Aug

In the realm of evasion and escape, RUUAR's quest for the vortex that distinguishes them on the dance floor remains unswerving. Enamoured with a myriad of electronic music genres, Pedro Rebelo and Hugo Bastos endeavour to craft singularity by blending their eclectic influences. This fusion culminates in a rhythmic eruption, guiding the listener on an introspective odyssey.

Their distinctive eclecticism, though challenging to align with their vision, is meticulously curated to offer the audience an uncommon and euphonious journey through the labyrinth of electronic music. Along this path, they've garnered recognition from the esteemed NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival, elevating their artistic dreams and solidifying their philosophy.

Embracing the street as a metaphor for their creative output, and with the uncertainty of the journey ever-present, RUUAR persists in offering an escape from the harsh realities that often beset us. This remains their unwavering mission.