Patrick Mason

Heineken Anti Stage
Saturday 12 th Aug

Patrick Mason is the epitome of Berlin’s new underground scene - engaged, energised, and unmissable. He rose from cutting shapes at Berghain to blowing the roof off Panorama Bar with SRVD, and is now taking over clubs from Kiev to Paris. His hybrid sets of techno and house at Porzellan Bar, Pornceptual, and Pride have left clubbers awed, and his music has been featured on Hör and U.W.S. throughout the last lockdown. Born to a conservative corner of Bavaria, Patrick subverts perceptions of black masculinity and is now a fashion icon, collaborating on projects with an increasing number of partners. In 2020, he became the first out-of-house creative designer given complete control at Ray Ban, overhauling their advertisement strategy and taking the super-brand into the luxury segment of the market. Expect more genre-splintering music.