Neo Stage
Saturday 12 th Aug

Gustavo Pereira (Gusta-vo) and Filipe Rodrigues’ (Amulador) long-lasting partnership was an important milestone for Porto and the rejuvenation of its nightlife, which subsequently led to the opening of club Gare, now acclaimed for having some of the most interesting programming in European techno. Their paths met in 2004 when Phil was working at the Bimotor DJ shop and Gustavo was in charge of programming at Indústria Club. The strong connection they forged rapidly turned into the musical project Freshkitos, a bond which is more than a simple blend of 2 DJs as their allure is more akin to the world of enchantment. Inside the DJ booth, the drive and diversity Gustavo and Phil put into their performance arouse and unify the crowds wherever they play. As musical enthusiasts and promoters, they established trends in a series of cult clubs, such as Maré Alta, Indústria and Gare.