August 5
Anti stage
Terzi is Gonçalo Neto. He started to play in the ends of 2010, in a strictly amateur way. The will to discover new music and to show it to the public defined the passage from something amateur to something more serious. At this time he founds with two partners Extended Records, today a renown platform to discover new Portuguese talent. In 2012 he packs bags to Braga and here he starts a new journey as a curator and the invitation to play around the country start to appear. He started to curate nights in Braga and later he starts to curate also in Porto, with the party Segmenta, monthly religious parties with national and international guests that, at their majority are premieres in the city. Quickly also became Extended Records booker and curator for the label parties. Musically he expresses himself through the most languages of the dance floor, being the electronic music his main focus. But he also muddles through the musical genres that gave birth to electronic music. He understands fully the house aesthetics and has a large insight when he enters through the realms of techno, but he also manages to withdraw the suitable smiles with funk and disco pearls that he founds on his constant travels to record shops. Relaxed, versatile and with will to transform someones day in the best way possible through the music.