August 5
Anti stage
Perhaps  the  most  well-­‐known  production  alias  of  Luke  Slater,  Planetary  Assault  Systems is one musical act that lives up to its name: throwing down a gauntlet of massive  electrified  sound  like  something  you’d  expect  from  an  invasion  force  (or  perhaps liberation force?) of alien spacecraft, P.A.S. has spent almost a quarter century as a standard-­‐bearer for the most uncompromising factions of the techno movement. Interpreting  “funk”  as  something  chromed  and  robotic,  while  also  making  undeniably  sweaty and sensuous music that could be labeled as “industrial,” P.A.S. has showed a disregard  for  accepted  musical  templates  and  has  become  deeply  inspirational  for  other adventurous spirits.