Paco Osuna
August 4
Neo stage
With a career spanning more than 20 years, Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned artists in the electronic music industry. His creativity, courage and relentless search for new forms of expression are some of his principal and consistent virtues when it comes to making music. On the dance floor, he is lively, intelligent and sophisticated, with a deep awareness for sound aesthetics. Every session is important to Paco and he sets out to invent and renew every time he steps onto the stage. In 2006 he launched Mindshake, conceived as a platform for the creation and distribution of electronic music. Over the past few years, Mindshake has become one of the most important techno labels in the US and Europe, hosting productions of artists like Cuartero, Carlo Lio, Fer BR, Nick Curly and Paul Ritch, in addition to touring with the label showcases. Also in 2006, Paco founded a night with a fresh concept, Club4, alongside Marco Carola, Adam Beyer y Christian Smith. After more than 10 years, it is now considered a cult club in Barcelona where the love of techno reigns; Club4 has established itself as the overwhelming choice due to the variety and accessibility of the electronic music it has on offer. on.